The 9 Top Globalized Cannabis Ventures

Cannabis Ventures Canada
Source: Penny Stocks

Cannabis is classified as a cannabinoid drug, with a variety of species; it’s made of a psychoactive cannabinoid delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD). Different parts of the plant can be consumed in different ways, and each one is known by different names. They come in synthetic forms, and the most common forms are marijuana and hashish or hash. Cannabis can be smoked, eaten or vaporized. 


Researches by some cannabis ventures have resulted in the development and marketing of dronabinol as well as nabilone which are synthetic cannabinoid products. Used for control of nausea and vomiting, treatment of cancer and to stimulate appetite in AIDS patients, control of nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapeutic agents used in the treatment of cancer. Medical conditions for which cannabis can be used are; Glaucoma, Muscle spasms, HIV/AIDS, Seizures, Severe pain and nausea, a dramatic loss in weight or Cachexia, muscle atrophy or wasting syndrome. 


  1. Casa Verde Capital: These are the investors in the “Uber of weed” or “Eaze,” FunkSac selling smell-proof packaging, and Merry Jane which is a cannabis lifestyle site. 
  2. MJIC in California: Conducts market research & investments in startups. They operate the Marijuana Index which tracks and reports on over 100 publicly traded cannabis-related equities. They distribute reports on cannabis industries and manage their portfolio of investments.
  3. Canopy: It was founded in the year 2014 as a seed-stage cannabis venture fund, business accelerator, and investors in 29 startups currently. They’ve recorded over 450% growth and offer a 16-week business accelerator programs.
  4. Poseidon Asset Management: It was founded by two siblings in 2013, with the mission of “Pioneering the Efficient Frontier of Cannabis Alpha.” Their father died of cancer due to the stigma associated use of cannabis. They’re the “cannabis hedge fund,” and they finance concepts experts in diversification & risk management. They’ve invested in 25 holdings across all “industry segments.”
  5. iAnthus Capital: It is a publicly traded Canadian venture that scoops up private assets in U S. iAnthus has bought many of them with grow rooms.
  6. Phyto Partners: Owns a website and they’re trying to coin the term “Cannabis as a Medicine” or CaaM (rolls eyes). They invest in Leaf which sells plug-in-plant growing apparatuses. 
  7. CJV Capital: Engages in investments in sharp individuals who handle cases associated with the emerging weed ventures. 
  8. Hypur Ventures: Helps budding organizations in their trading activities, technology know-how, and people power. They’ve made up to six investments in the cannabis sector in compliance, intelligence and Willie Nelson’s brand & Dope Magazine. 
  9. “Meridian Capital Partners”: Spanish is private equity firm in Merida working with cannabis ventures since 2009 and investing in some since 2012. They competed for and won licenses in two of the strictest medical-only states in the US demonstrating that they know how to navigate all the red tape in the industry. They’ve invested in  Bio-Track THC which offers business intelligence podium for marijuana ventures.


It engages in the production and marketing of cannabis in countries where its use is legal. Canada records the highest of such venture as it is legalized in the country. However, the psilocybin mushroom story is everywhere at the moment. It improves obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, opioid addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and even smoking. For more information you can visit